About Us

About Us

The Monrae Difference

We are intellectual property attorneys and data scientists on a mission to provide state of the art trademark monitoring solutions to intellectual property professionals.

A trademark is the foundation of a brand. We believe that it should be protected. Our goal is to leverage the latest technology so that our clients are constantly provided with the information they need in order to protect their client’s trademarks. We understand that the practice of intellectual property is competitive as ever. That’s why we focus on bringing value to our attorney clients via quality infringement monitoring that translates to more billable hours and significant value added for their clients.

Why Monitor

The USPTO registers trademarks, but it doesn’t monitor or enforce them—that’s up to the trademark owner and in most cases you, the attorney of record. Once a trademark is acquired, the owner has a duty to maintain their trademark by enforcing those rights and unless your engagement letter terminates upon registration you can be liable for this duty. Trademark monitoring helps you find and address cases of unauthorized use or infringement earlier rather than later. As a bonus, the fact that your clients protect against unauthorized use of their trademarks can strengthen their marks in future disputes.

Trademark monitoring is also important because it alerts you to when you may need to oppose competing trademark registrations. As a trademark attorney, you should object to any new trademarks that may harm your clients. While the USPTO will search its database of registered and pending marks as part of the registration process, they may still approve a mark that you believe is confusingly similar to your clients. Therefore, it’s vital that you monitor your client’s trademarks, so you can stop the registration of marks that would be detrimental to your clients.